Thursday, March 29, 2012

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I've made the hop, skip & a jump over to another website. 

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Carpe Diem, 

Monday, March 12, 2012

More & More Gold.

Who doesn't love chic & fun drinking glasses, right? Right. With a stash of 250 Mason jars, I was determined to incorporate these fun drinking cups into our New Years Eve, Black Tie wedding. Cue the gold spray paint....again. Oh ya spray paint works magic! 

This is a beyond easy DIY. All you need is a mason jar, gold spray paint & ribbon + some extra time (easily the hardest ingredient to acquire in this recipe). 

-Keep the lids tight on the jars (this protects the interior and top section from paint). 
-Flip jars upside down, so lid is facing down. 
-Line jars on a table covered in a paint cloth. 
-Spray about 12" away from jar, covering all surfaces. 
 * I used Design Masters 731 Gold. 
-Touch ups may be required along bottom portion. 
-Let dry. 
-Remove lid & tie ribbon.  

Voila! It's always in the details & these chic mason jars are so much more adorable than regular, old drinking glasses. 

Carpe Diem, 

PS. I love the last photo for many reasons, one being that the "M" in "Mr." fell off. Just goes to show not all weddings are perfect, but in the end...nobody cares :) 

Photography by Niki Rhodes

Friday, March 2, 2012


You know when you just need to escape and leave whatever current city you're in? Whether it's driving an hour south or hoping on a plane, getting out of your comfort zone & daily routine can be so refreshing. I'm off for a hot minute to South Lake Tahoe with the family (fam-vacay, woot!) this weekend. I have a serious soft spot in my heart for Tahoe; it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to and one of my favorite cities in the entire world. Having grown up frequently visiting our family home in SLT, I have fond memories from summers & winters in this beautiful little haven.

I've come to discover how truly refreshing traveling can be. I've always had a travel bug in me and never stop wishing I was frolicking around Italy or eating crepes in Paris or swimming in Thailand...I don't think I've ever returned from a trip without dragging my feet back home. It's an issue sometimes...why can't a girl just travel her whole life? Oh wait, ya I kinda need an income.

So, a 3 day trip to Tahoe will suffice! The mere act of boarding a plane gets me all jazzed, regardless of how many times I've been on one or where I am going. I am looking forward to truly un-plugging and spending quality, albeit short, time with my family.

How do you recharge and un-plug?

Carpe Diem, 

PS. Thailand pictures coming soon! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vintage Finds

Portland has some pretty darn good vintage stores. As of late, I've been spending lazy Sundays perusing these said stores. The amount of goodies I dreamt of bringing home is much larger than what actually came home, but alas I am still pumped about my recent finds. 

A Knight helmet ice bucket...seriously?! If this is not the coolest vintage piece I've ever scored, then I don't know what is.

Someday, I'll serve home-made cappuccino's to over-night guests after their stay in an immaculate guest bedroom equipped with spa quality bathrobes & organic soap. Until then, these itty-bitty cappuccino cups will sit pretty in my cupboard for me to stare at. 

I didn't impulsively buy this vase at first & I am thankful it was still available a whole week later...sure sign it belonged to me! I love it's girly qualities and it's the perfect low vase to set on a dresser or nightstand.

Oh, the Man Chair. As I currently sit in this beauty, I have been engulfed by it's perfectly worn in cushions. This is the furniture vintage find-of-the-century...because it was only $50. BOOYAH! Didn't even bat an eye-lash for it. 

Carpe Diem,