Monday, March 12, 2012

More & More Gold.

Who doesn't love chic & fun drinking glasses, right? Right. With a stash of 250 Mason jars, I was determined to incorporate these fun drinking cups into our New Years Eve, Black Tie wedding. Cue the gold spray paint....again. Oh ya spray paint works magic! 

This is a beyond easy DIY. All you need is a mason jar, gold spray paint & ribbon + some extra time (easily the hardest ingredient to acquire in this recipe). 

-Keep the lids tight on the jars (this protects the interior and top section from paint). 
-Flip jars upside down, so lid is facing down. 
-Line jars on a table covered in a paint cloth. 
-Spray about 12" away from jar, covering all surfaces. 
 * I used Design Masters 731 Gold. 
-Touch ups may be required along bottom portion. 
-Let dry. 
-Remove lid & tie ribbon.  

Voila! It's always in the details & these chic mason jars are so much more adorable than regular, old drinking glasses. 

Carpe Diem, 

PS. I love the last photo for many reasons, one being that the "M" in "Mr." fell off. Just goes to show not all weddings are perfect, but in the end...nobody cares :) 

Photography by Niki Rhodes

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