Friday, March 2, 2012


You know when you just need to escape and leave whatever current city you're in? Whether it's driving an hour south or hoping on a plane, getting out of your comfort zone & daily routine can be so refreshing. I'm off for a hot minute to South Lake Tahoe with the family (fam-vacay, woot!) this weekend. I have a serious soft spot in my heart for Tahoe; it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to and one of my favorite cities in the entire world. Having grown up frequently visiting our family home in SLT, I have fond memories from summers & winters in this beautiful little haven.

I've come to discover how truly refreshing traveling can be. I've always had a travel bug in me and never stop wishing I was frolicking around Italy or eating crepes in Paris or swimming in Thailand...I don't think I've ever returned from a trip without dragging my feet back home. It's an issue sometimes...why can't a girl just travel her whole life? Oh wait, ya I kinda need an income.

So, a 3 day trip to Tahoe will suffice! The mere act of boarding a plane gets me all jazzed, regardless of how many times I've been on one or where I am going. I am looking forward to truly un-plugging and spending quality, albeit short, time with my family.

How do you recharge and un-plug?

Carpe Diem, 

PS. Thailand pictures coming soon! 

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