Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cookie Bombs

Let's talk about sweets. I get my sweet tooth from my grandmother & father and boy, when I have a hankering I am unstoppable. It's an issue some days. When I saw these cookies on beloved Pinterest, I had to eat them immediately. So began my dive into the baking world.

These are very simple: homemade chocolate chip cookie dough, wrapped around an Oreo. For convenience matters, I also tried with store bought cookie dough and it was an epic fail. Domestic-fearing cookie addicts, the "quicker" route is not the solution this time (I will not even show photos, they are that terrible). So, roll up your sleeves & start pouring the sugar because theses babies are all homemade.

These make a great party favor & are easy to transport to a pot luck. Most think they are traditional chocolate chip cookies at first sight, until the first person eats one...and then those cookies become the life of the party. I did not win the Super Bowl cook-off, but I totally think the contest was rigged anyways. I don't believe it one bit.

Recipe found here.

Carpe Diem, 

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