Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eat Drink Portland: Dick's Kitchen

Dick's Kitchen is new to NW Portland and I could not be happier! The classic diner with milkshakes, cheeseburgers & a bar with red leather stools. Except with gluten-free, vegan & Paleo dining options...this is Portland, people! The "Elvis Burger" is hands-down one of the best burger I have ever eaten. Let that statement sink in! I constitute this to the ridiculously good quality ingredients. It seems simple, right? You will understand when you take your first bite. Their version of french fries are actually air baked & the yam fries are to die for (way better than the still delicious french fries). Also, a Kalhua Milkshake?! Yes, please! Thank you for making "adult milkshakes" so I don't feel like a 6 year-old when only faced with a normal milkshake...which I will order, no matter what. The signature "Dick's-a-rita" combines jalapeno-pinapple infused vodka & tequila with house made sweet & sour. For a "diner" this margarita is far over par in deliciousness and has just enough spice to make it extra special. It's the ultimate trifecta: quick, well priced & ridiculously yummy! 

Carpe Diem, 

*Insta-gram photos by me (MandyJae), DK logo photograph by Joseph Bergantine. 

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